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💕 No words can describe this kind of love 💕 @iamvalc #dwts


Arya doesn’t like rain


Finally we are getting a Rumba😱😱

This cracks me up— Val gets feedback that he needs to be more emotionally available every season! Ha! BTW, Val and Janel get rumba next week. That’ll be sexy.

BTW, did I mention that I heart Kevin Hart!!! He’s been the best celeb judge that DWTS has had so far.

This was my dance of the night. There was just something about the way he was leading her. It is really difficult for a male celeb to have enough confidence to really lead the female pro he’s dancing with- Tommy did that tonight. He lead her!

I think in DWTS terms she’s a very good performer but her performance for whatever reason doesn’t really come out and hit me. I think she’s a good TV performer- but not the sun and the moon the way the judges were making her out to be. She’s sort of the right presence for the small screen but not necessarily the stage- if that makes any sense. She does well when the camera closes in on her face but not as well when the camera pulled back and showed her full body. She still did very well but that’s just my nitpick.


Academy Award Winner George Chakiris from “West Side Story” backstage at DWTS congratulating Val Chmerkovskiy in his dance segment tonight which received the first highest score of this season. Don’t miss Valentin Chmerkovskiy on tour in Ballroom With A Twist - via BWAT 

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So I watched Val and Janel’s West Side Story Jazz and what I came away with was how impressed I was by Val’s ability to come up with a concept that used “America” without using the WSS story. As for their performance together, it was very good and had a lot of exuberance and life to it and while Janel did a great job- Val was the presence that came out for me. All the praise that went to her and how the judges were saying that she opened a new career path for herself on Broadway made me feel like that praise should have gone to Val too. I would LOVE to see him dance on Broadway in a leading role. When can that happen, please?

Oddly enough I was more impressed by Tommy’s overall performance and presence than I was with Janel’s presence. Janel is a good actress and a good dancer but she doesn’t really come out and command the entire stage the way that Tommy seemed to.

@carlarheaphoto: These 2 had fun hanging out today! Pink, orange & bling everywhere! @the_trinitee @b2bella #kcundercover