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This is coming from ksiouxw and our dear friend who is at BWAT tonight.


It’s one thing to read it but to hear it!!! Forever reblog!


What did he say pleassseee someone let me know!

look on my page there is a transcript

Zendaya mention thanks to Maks.  Look at Val trying to be all diplomatic about his fave/best partner and Maks deciding he had enough of Val’s bullshit.

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The Slowdance

His fucking face is buried in her hair. I just cannot get over this!

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A question was asked, from the answers I assume it was who was your best partner?

Val says, ” It’s very tough to answer that, do you have any siblings? Which one is your favorite?” Maks yells out “Zendaya!” Goes on to say that every experience is different and special, “I love them all. How can I…


Val and Sharna  ”insane Paso”

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I have video from the 7:30 show of the finale dance. I didn’t post it because it isn’t clear enough. In my opinion, I don’t think she pulled up her skirt for the last show, but I’ll post the video so y’all can see for yourselves 😊

Yeah, I don’t remember that either. I think she toned things down in the second show. I mean it was still hotter than Hades but not with all those little touches that the matinee folks got! hahaah!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't know why people are expecting a big change in vz relationship when sep 1st comes around. I really hope people aren't pinning their hopes on them coming out as a couple 1) I don't think they are and 2) if they were we would prob never know. I just don't think they are at the dating stage if they ever go there and I think people have gotten carried away by fanfic stories . But everyone is entitled to believe what they want so whatever makes people happy :)
missysaysus missysaysus Said:


I’m not really expecting a big change.  The only reason I want Z to be 18 so badly is it shuts up some of the detractors with the stupid “OMG…it’s illegal” bullshit.  Plus it makes it a little better if the media ever gets a hold of it and starts trying to insinuate things. 

I know this sounds totally stupid to many, but I actually would be disappointed if they started to date too soon.  Mostly because I think Z needs to do some living first and Val needs to settle down a bit before they are actually ready to date each other.  If they start dating before Z has any real independence, I’d be afraid the relationship would be doomed from the get go.

This exactly!